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Sidekicks are simple assistants that you can adopt and use with friends, contacts and work colleagues.

Let 1,000 assistants bloom

Sidekicks Inc. exists to promote a future with bots. The first Sidekicks have been built by a small, passionate team of engineers and designers. Stay tuned as we release the tools and platform to build your own Sidekicks.


Each Sidekick is designed with a simple skill, that when added together make a big difference in delighting you and saving you time.

  • Network of assistants that communicate with you

  • No information is shared on social networks. Ever.

  • Sidekicks aim to deliver unexpected opportunities

  • Sidekicks use SMS and GroupMMS to converse with your contacts


Everyone can have their own personal Sidekick, for free, forever. Choose a Sidekick to suit your life.


Your personal Sidekicks can keep tabs on you to help you connect with friends when they're around and available.

  • Be a better friend

  • Keep up with contacts

  • Connect with colleagues in new ways

Claim your Sidekick now

Your primary Sidekick is designed to assist you with your relationships.

For Developers

If you are interested in developing a Sidekick on top of your service that can help people accomplish a simple task, please contact us with your company name - we have opened the platform for select developers to build additional Sidekicks.

The Sidekicks platform provides people with relationship management, and offers developers an actively engaged audience of users.

For Enterprises

If you are interested in offering assistants to your users, Sidekicks can be customized by our community of developers. Please contact us with your company name and audience size. We partner to build and host assistants for your platform.